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Fritz Wrapping Papers

Fritz Wrapping Papers

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Unleash the joy of gift-giving with our Swiss Mountain Dog Wrapping Paper – a perfect blend of canine charm and festive flair! Elevate your presents with this high-quality wrapping paper featuring an adorable Swiss Mountain Dog design. Crafted for dog lovers and gift enthusiasts, this wrapping paper seamlessly combines cuteness with holiday cheer. The lifelike graphic captures the essence of these majestic dogs, adding a heartwarming touch to any gift. Whether you're a Swiss Mountain Dog owner or simply love canine-inspired wrapping, make your presents memorable with our Swiss Mountain Dog Wrapping Paper – where style meets gifting delight!Custom wrapping paper printing has never been easier, all thanks to these high-quality 90 gsm fine-art wrapping papers. Available in 3x sizes for you to match all your customers' needs, these wrapping papers come with a matte or glossy finish and feature a high-definition print. Paper comes neatly rolled up for an excellent delivery experience. 

.: Material: 90 gsm fine art paper
.: Available in three sizes: 30" × 36", 30" × 72" and 30" x 180"
.: One side print
.: Matte or glossy finish
.: Paper sourced from Germany
.: NB! White space at top and bottom edges with a bar and QR code

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